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G.I. Matrix

Maintain a Healthy Intestinal Tract



  • Active Ingredients

    Contains a proprietary blend of Certified 100% Organic Mushroom mycelial biomass cultured on organic oats: Trametes versicolor (Turkey Tail), Pleurotus eryngii (King Trumpet), Agaricus blazei, Cordyceps militaris and Ganoderma lucidum (Reishi).

  • Recommended For
    • Stomach stress from training, traveling or environment changes
    • Horses with stomach ulcers
    • Hind gut health
    • Horses with poor digestion and loose stools
  • Suggested Use

    Top dress feed or mix with warm water to administer. Can be given during or after meal time. Safe to administer on a daily, on-going basis.

    • Maintenance Dosage: 10 grams (1 scoop to line) one time per day
    • Loading Dosage: If horse is not already receiving Matrix products, an initial loading dosage of 10 grams (1 scoop to line) two times per day for 2-3 weeks is recommended. Double dose may be continued if indicated.

G.I. Matrix

Maintain a Healthy Intestinal Tract

G.I. Matrix contains uniquely structured fungal dietary fibers that can serve as a prebiotic platform to support the balance of normal intestinal flora. Our 100% Certified Organic mushroom powder also helps reduce the formation of damaging free radicals. The unique antioxidants and digestive enzymes, along with prebiotics, support optimal gut health to keep your horse at his best.*

Key Benefits

  • Helps maintain a healthy intestinal tract*
  • Provides factors necessary for normal digestion*
  • Serves as a prebiotic platform for growth of beneficial probiotic organisms to help maintain proper gut flora*
  • Provides bioactive beta glucans and antioxidants to support a healthy immune system*
  • Supports normal detoxification processes*
  • Grown, processed and packaged in the USA

ALWAYS FREE OF: fillers, expients, GMO's, artificial/synthetic ingredients, artificial colors or flavors, gluten, corn, sugar or soy.