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I’ve had horrible pain in my neck for years and have tried many different ther­a­pies and medica­tions to find relief, after using the Human Mushroom Matrix Critical Care, I finally have relief Because of their very high stan­dards in manu­fac­turing prac­tices, I feel very confi­dent in its safety regarding my health.

My top Show jumper Cedric who is 17 years old, has won inter­na­tional compe­ti­tions this year including the Trump International, we owe it to Equine Matrix. Cedric feels like a young boy again. We love our Matrix.

ECP Matrix is really helping Cavaldi (my main guy!) in his training. He works and tries so hard for me that he tends to stress himself out. He has been contin­u­ally improving on his relax­ation and, in turn, focus within his training this year.

One of the horses I have on Mushroom Matrix is a sensi­tive TB that I imported from Ireland. Every year he has trav­eled south during the winter with me and every year he gets sick in one way or another. From viruses to skin infec­tions, the list goes on! This year he is as healthy as ever and the only differ­ence is that he is on Mushroom Matrix prod­ucts!

Using the Muscle Matrix product has helped to keep one of my stal­lions in top condi­tion without affecting his tempera­ment. It has a fantastic effect not only on muscle devel­op­ment but also for muscle recovery after stren­uous work.

We double dose the Performance Matrix during the long show series and it really helps keep the energy and recovery of our horses to get out there and jump the big jumps – even after 4 or 6 long weeks on the road. It has made a measur­able differ­ence in all of our horses.

We have used Matrix prod­ucts for over a year now, and we have been so impressed with the results on every horse we have tried it on. Our horses are healthy, strong and sound, thanks to Matrix!!!