Why Equine Matrix

Equine Matrix prod­ucts are formu­lated utilizing the scien­tif­i­cally veri­fied bioac­tivity of each unique mush­room species. The twelve species that we produce allow us to address an array of health condi­tions and sports perfor­mance demands.

 Immune Health — support for depressed immune func­tion, auto-immune disor­ders and allergic condi­tions

 Bone, tendon and liga­ment support

 Inflammatory condi­tions

 Endurance, stamina and muscle devel­op­ment

 Balanced insulin and endocrine func­tion

 Skin, coat and hoof support

 Oral health



The excep­tional quality is veri­fied by third-party lab testing of each batch of our medi­c­inal mush­rooms. Our mush­room powders adhere to strict FDA stan­dards and are produced in a certi­fied GMP facility, ensuring that each step is care­fully controlled and docu­mented.


Mushrooms are “bioac­cu­mu­la­tors” and can accu­mu­late toxins, heavy metals that are present during their growing stages. Our clean-room envi­ron­ment, organic process and strict testing ensures that our mush­room powders meet the highest stan­dards of purity.


All prod­ucts are grown, processed and pack­aged at our Carlsbad facility, free from poten­tial cont­a­m­i­na­tions that can occur in third party manu­fac­turing facil­i­ties.